Global Brand Logistics

  • Campaign Logistic Management
  • Global Merchandise Distribution
  • In-country Program Fulfillment
  • Creative Packaging and Kitting

Merchandise Development

  • Culture and Trend Forecasting
  • Creative Merchandise Services
  • Sourcing and Packaging
  • Supply Chain Management


  • Communication and Marketing
  • IT Services
  • Project Management
  • Customer Support

In-House Customization

  • Screen Printing
  • Digital Printing
  • Embroidery
  • Personalization Services

Product Lifecycle Assurance Program

Robertson Marketing is committed to providing product and service lifecycles that embody responsible attitudes towards the environment, transparency, labor, and diversity. Robertson’s Product Lifecycle Assurance Program™ consists of systems, tools, documentation, processes and an experienced team. Robertson has team members in the US, Asia and Europe who visit our suppliers’ facilities to learn about their manufacturing and logo decorating processes. Robertson team members work with independent testing laboratories to ensure that products are safe and made in a socially responsible manner.

National and Global Merchandising and Distribution Excellence

Robertson not only creates amazing merchandise — we successfully deliver it to sites around the world. In fact, each year, Robertson delivers to or sources in over 210 countries. Whether a client needs products for a new brand launch, employee appreciation, employee rewards, or channel partner recognition, Robertson’s experienced team manages the project from conception to global delivery. Robertson’s approach is full life cycle — we work with our clients to curate merchandise and gifts that are culturally attuned and friendly to ship, no matter the region. We manage all logistics to the final destinations, whether they’re individual or bulk shipments. Robertson’s merchandising and logistics teams are supported by a best-in-class customer support center that works directly with our clients’ program managers, employees and channel partners so everyone is assured satisfaction.

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